Doodling 101

In the last 10 years, doodling has become the coolest tool for idea generation and information processing in the new economy. Companies even hire professional visual note takers to document board meetings in real time – its called Graphic Recording. But the stigma of doodling as evidence of distraction still exists.

Skeletons & Balloons – A Super Simple Lettering Lesson

In honor of the season, we decided to put together a lettering lesson inspired by skeleton letters. This super simple process is something kids of all ages (even those of us who just refuse to grow up) can do. The best part is, we included video instructions for each letter of the alphabet, so you don’t even have to read!

Show us your Grandma Moses

Let’s have some fun.  First I started off with a basic landscape complete with almost all the Grandma Moses stand bys: Sky, mountains, hills, houses and farms, trees.  NOTE:  Don’t make the mistake I did and do this step in pen, as it’s very hard to draw over when you’re using watercolors or colored pencils…

Portraits, Pointillism & Pens: A Mini How To

Pointillism was developed in the 1880s by a branch of Impressionist artists including George Seurat and Paul Signac. But the term Pointillism wasn’t popularized until art critics used it to ridicule the works of these now famous artists. Pointillism’s connection to Impressionism is unmistakable. Scientifically, these artists were interested in how we perceived light and…

All You Need Is Love…

First I have to tell you that we are having a special Promotion at Art Kit Factory! Free shipping on orders over $30. Use the promocode: VALENTINE We’ve also just created a special Valentine Doodle package for just $12. It comes with an original art Valentine! Read on to see the work in progress. On…

Love, Love, Love.

We are preparing for Valentine’s Day at Art Kit Factory – and we are all feeling a little mushy about it. So, dear reader, we are sending you a Valentine in advance of February 14th with this free downloadable Doodle Art Bookmark Coloring Page!

How to Create a Word Art Doodle

Creating a word art zen doodle is a whole lot easier than most people imagine. There is very little planning needed. In fact, the less perfect it is, the better.