Marigolds, Hummingbirds & Dia de Muertos

Feeling inspired by the Día de Muertos festivities in Los Angeles yesterday, I embarked on a little research project about art inspired by the Mexican holiday. In the process of reading about José Guadalupe Posada, Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera, I read about The Legend of the Cempasuchil Flower  and the story of Xóchitl & Huitzilin…

A California Native Celebration of Fall in Los Angeles

Fall is in the air in Los Angeles. No, we don’t really have “fall colors” or “sweater weather.” At least not yet – we get a little of that in February and March. Fall at our studio is a low of 57 degrees with a high of 75. Sometimes we get an occasional burst of…

Show us your Grandma Moses

Let’s have some fun.  First I started off with a basic landscape complete with almost all the Grandma Moses stand bys: Sky, mountains, hills, houses and farms, trees.  NOTE:  Don’t make the mistake I did and do this step in pen, as it’s very hard to draw over when you’re using watercolors or colored pencils…

The Power of Flower Portraits

Art history is filled with a great variety of flower portraits. Get this doodle art flower portrait inspired by Georgia O’keefe’s Single Calla Lily (Red) at Art Kit Factory.

Love, Love, Love.

We are preparing for Valentine’s Day at Art Kit Factory – and we are all feeling a little mushy about it. So, dear reader, we are sending you a Valentine in advance of February 14th with this free downloadable Doodle Art Bookmark Coloring Page!