The Power of Flower Portraits

Art history is filled with a great variety of flower portraits. Get this doodle art flower portrait inspired by Georgia O’keefe’s Single Calla Lily (Red) at Art Kit Factory.

This is Your Brain on Art

Recent studies are showing how new physical connections occur in our brains when we create something. These are the same connections that make us better able to solve complex problems, come up with novel ideas and boost our emotional health. A study conducted by scientists in Germany in 2014 found that the act of art creation…

Flower Moon & the Art of the Flower Portrait

It is May 10th and today is the night of the Flower Moon. The Comanche tribe called the full moon in May the “flower moon.” But this month’s full moon has other lyrical names like “strawberry moon” and “milk moon.” It also has some more practical names like “moon when the ponies shed.” But I digress. The Flower moon…

The Flowers that Bloom in the Spring, Tra La!

In a land of clear colors and stories In a region of shadowless hours, Where the earth has a garment of glories And a murmur of musical flowers. -Swinburne Happy First Day of Spring!! We have been celebrating spring for millennia. Who isn’t excited to see the promise of a lovely lazy summer with longer…

The Science & Technology Behind Impressionism

Impressionism is often considered the first modern art movement. Both the emerging science of color theory and the new technology of the film camera significantly impacted the philosophy and work of these artists. Our Wish You Were Here Art Kit To Go is inspired by Impressionism and the Science & Technology that inspired it!